Starting today I will be doing a new series, “On My Mind”. I have always been a fan of the Ten Things I Think I Think in Sports Illustrated. It has inspired me to periodically make my own little list of thoughts, opinions and various happenings in sports. Without further ado…

#1 Mark Beurhle has had a stellar career filled with milestones and lofty accomplishments, but was that ever a crappy way to end it. In an important game the Jays allowed him to start in an attempt to become just the third pitcher in history to pitch 200 plus innings pitched in 15 straight seasons. Beurhle got rocked for 5 earned runs and only lasted two thirds of a single inning before getting pulled. The Jays lost and Beurhle who’s last start could have been a win went out like this instead. It doesn’t diminish his career, but it was an ugly exit from the game of baseball.

#2 I never understood the insane level of hype Odell Beckham Jr. was receiving going into this season. His talent level is off the charts, but it felt like people were already on the verge of crowning him as the leagues top wideout after only a 12 game body of work at the NFL level. He’s been good this season, but far from prolific.

#3 Ichiro Suzuki has a pretty nasty slider, who knew?! He got to pitch an inning for the Marlins and gave up two hits and one earned run, but actually had some nice looking pitches. It was also pretty cool to see Freddy Galvis smile and be a good sport when Ichiro got him to swing for a strike with a nice breaking ball.

#4 I think the San Diego Chargers might be cursed. They pulled out a victory over the Browns on Sunday, but making the playoffs will be almost an impossible task with players dropping like flies. The number of key players that were hurt both going into the game and during the game is insane. I truly believe Philip Rivers is an elite quarterback, one of the best in the league, but Cleveland showed early in the game, that no quarterback can function properly without protection. The offensive line, DBs and receivers have all been decimated by injuries.

#5 Breaking news indeed! The most famous hair in hockey is making a return and how can you not feel some excitement and nostalgia? The mullet looks to be a nice veteran addition to a young Panthers roster.

#6 Raffi Torres just got handed the second longest suspension in NHL history and to be honest I hope this marks the end of his career. We’re long past the point of thinking this may be accidental or the product of the physical style he plays. Torres takes cheap shots and he does it on purpose. It was only a few seasons ago that he received one the longest suspensions ever and it looks like he’s learned nothing. He’s a danger to other players on the ice. NHL players have a right to be protected against this kind of violence and it’s not fair that they should have to step onto the same ice as Torres. I’m glad the league slammed down the hammer and hopefully we’ve seen the last of a player who has no place in the NHL.