#1 The Chargers lose back-to-back heartbreakers that easily could have been wins. After what looked like it could have been a game winning field goal for the Chargers the Steelers answered and then a freak clock mishap prevented San Diego’s offense from getting back on the field. This week Philip Rivers became the first QB in NFL history to pass for over 500 yards and zero interceptions, but lose a game. Was I right about that curse or what?

#2 This is the year of the rookie in the NHL. I think everyone knew coming in that that is was a very strong class, but it’s amazing how quickly these young players have come out of the gate. Maxi Domi, Anthony Duclair, Nikoli Ehlers, Jack Eichel, Connor MacDavid, Dylan Larkin, all not only look like they belong in the NHL, but that they can already excel and be big time contributors.

#3 Speaking of Connor McDavid… He had his first real Connor McDavid game. After what looked like visible frustration from the kid with all the pressure on him, everything just seemed to click. McDavid had an incredible 2 goal, 3 point night and easily could have had a hatrick if not for a robbery from Jonas Hiller. He’s followed that performance with points in his next four games for a total of eight in his last five games. It’s unbelievable that after scoring one goal in his first four games there were already articles and non-stop talk about the problems with McDavid… four games! I think we can all take our fingers off the panic button. McDavid is the real deal and although it may not have happened the second he stepped onto NHL ice, he will be the star that everyone expects.

#4 John Henson of the Milwaukee Bucks shared a recent experience of being racially profiled at a jewelry store. It’s a well-written and emotional account of the events, and rightfully so.

#5 After avoiding the kiss of death and going down 3-0 to Kansas City, Toronto got absolutely pummeled in game four. I could talk about the series itself, but as this post is just my thoughts and musings I’ll comment for the second time about a position player pitching. That’s right, down 13-2, rather than burn the arm of a reliever when loss was already inevitable, the Jays sent in Cliff Pennington to pitch. This was the first time in the history of Major League Baseball that a position player has pitched in the post season and I find that fascinating. Baseball is such an old storied sport, I think it’s interesting anytime something happens for the first time. Honestly I’m shocked about this one though. I think putting Pennington in was a clever move, the game was already over for the Jays, why waste a reliever? I’m just surprised it has never happened before.