Personally, I have always been a big fan of brands collaborating together. I think it can lead to some very fun results and it’s always interesting to see how two separate identities can come together to create something positive and benefit each other. Tim Horton’s and Upper Deck are proving how effective this can be.

Right now Tim Horton’s is running their Collect to Win campaign. We all know how successful Timmies and other brands like McDonalds have been with the gamification concept, both having smash hits with Roll up the Rim and McDonald’s Monopoly. Tim’s obviously decided to continue to capitalize on that form of success and given their strong ties to hockey decided to create a hockey card promotion. They wisely partnered with Upper Deck, who recently entered into an agreement to attain sole licensing rights to use NHL league and team logos on their trading cards, solidifying their reign as the titans of the hockey card world.

Upper Deck has created a special limited time set of cards that come in individual packs sold at Tim Horton’s. The packs cost $2 each or $1 with the purchase of any drink.

collect to win

What’s great about this particular collaboration is that it has tremendous potential to benefit both brands. The card packs are very inexpensive and are a great way for Upper Deck to expose their product to a new demographic and get people interested in their product. These Tim Horton’s packs are the perfect entry point for someone to become a fan of hockey cards. They are inexpensive, well designed and can be a gateway into other Upper Deck products. A lot of people who are interested in hockey frequent Tim Horton’s as it is. It’s also beneficial to Tim Horton’s because just like Roll up the Rim it creates a fun, game playing element to being a customer.

So far this promotion seems like a great success and it will be interesting to see if Tim Horton’s turns it into an annual campaign.

– Josh