#1 I think the Warriors look as poised for a repeat as any team has ever looked. They took down the Lebron led Calvs in last season’s NBA Finals and now they’ve just made history by becoming the only team ever to open a season 16-0. The roster is deep, the chemistry is on point and Steph Curry is domination personified. In 16 games the Warriors haven’t even lost once, good luck to any team trying to beat them 4 times over the span of 7 games. I don’t see it happening.

#2 Not exactly from this week, but I just read Dani Rylan’s article in the Players’ Tribune about starting the National Women’s Hockey League. It blew me away. It is wonderfully written and Rylan does an amazing job of conveying both her passion for such an ambitious project and her defense of why it will work. I wanted the NWHL to succeed since I first heard about it, but I was skeptical if it would really be a viable business with sponsors and player salaries. Rylan seems to have thought of this from every angle though and appears to make decision after decision that puts the league in the best possible position for success. From choosing the markets, to picking optimal games times, to promoting the league; the NWHL seems to be doing it all right. I can’t wait to follow the success of the league as it grows and I think there very well could be a spot in the Hockey Hall of Fame waiting for Rylan down the road.

#3 The Dallas Stars were pegged to be a breakout team last year and people were left scratching their heads when they failed to even make it to the playoffs. Turns out the Stars were poised to breakout, the predictions were just a year too soon. This season Dallas is off to their best start in franchise history. It’s not 16-0, but hey, it’s impressive. Tyler Seguin and Jaime Benn just look ridiculously good together as no one appears able to shut them down. Meanwhile, John Klingberg seems to be unaware that players often go through a sophomore slump. He’s following up his stellar rookie season with an amazing run this year. A quarter of the way through the season he’s averaging over a point a game and is everyone’s front runner for the Norris Trophy. Buy into the Stars hype, it’s very real.

#4 I think it’s time for the Browns to end a relationship that never felt like a good idea in the first place. We watched this week as Johnny Football broke another promise, lied, embarrassed the Browns and blew what feels like his 100th second chance. When do we stop believing what this guy is saying? For me, it was before he even put on an NFL uniform. I guess the Browns have a longer leash, but maybe it finally ran out. After promising to be on his best beahviour and lay low, Manziel was filmed drinking, swearing and partying and then lied about the video. Nothing new for a guy who takes being an NFL quarterback for granted every chance he gets. Now demoted to third string QB, let’s see how long until he gets another shot. Everyone deserves a second chance right?

#5 Every year the coaches of the two Grey Cup teams are asked about their policy on players having sex before the big game. Watch Red Black’s coach, Rick Campbell give an absolutely hilarious response.