Kemba Walker with an all time great play to end the game… Only it doesn’t end the game. There’s half a second left on the clock and Kyle Lowry and OG Anunoby are about to connect for one of the greatest moments in Raptors history.

It’s game 3 and the defending champs have fallen behind by two points in a series they’re already trailing 2-0. A loss in game 3 means the series is over. No team has ever come back from a three to nothing deficit.

With half a second left and “7’12” Taco Fall guarding the inbound pass, Kyle Lowry somehow makes a 60 foot cross court pass right into the hands of OG Anunoby. In a perfect scenario the minimum amount of time possible on the clock to catch and shoot a ball before the buzzer is 0.4 seconds. The Raps have 0.5 so there is basically zero margin for error. Even if this incredible pass does make it, it has to be perfect because if OG can’t catch it clean and shoot immediately, it doesn’t leave his hands in time to beat the buzzer. 

But the pass is perfect, he does catch it clean, he does shoot immediately and he does beat the buzzer. Swish. 104-103. Raptors storm the court. Replay confirms that OG got it off in time. 

The series is saved. The Raptors just had their best half second of basketball ever. It didn’t bounce four times on the rim, but if Toronto ends up advancing, this essentially becomes the series winning shot.

-Josh Wahler